Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeking JOY in our Newest Journey

We are going to try using a different blog site to keep family and friends up to date about all things medical. It has been difficult to figure out the best way to keep everyone up to date. Please bear with us as we try to catch up on what has been happening this past year. It is difficult to know what to share and what not to share as things are ever changing and complicated.

One of the things we experienced form keeping our other blog is that when we keep a written track of our journey we are able to look back and see God's hand carrying us each step of the way. When you are in the midst of a season it is sometimes difficult to see God at work. Sometimes we are too close to see the whole picture and we need to be able to look at it in a different perspective at a latter time. I love how we are able to go back through our blog over and over again and see God's Grace written on every page. His faithfulness is so clear, his provision was never failing. Looking back helps us trust the future.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Thank you for your support and prayers. Please do not be afraid to ask questions. If I am not able to talk about it that day I will be honest and get back with you as soon as I am able.

Our journey is still the same; we are just having to learn how to be more flexible, more creative and having to increase our sense of humor. After all laughter is the best medicine. God is still who he says he is and we still trust him to lead our family. God is still good all the time. All the time he is good. His plan is perfect for us even if we are not very fond of it.

In the midst of our new journey we are seeking JOY.

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