Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not a good day.

I was hoping to fill in some more gaps tonight. I really want to try to keep posting because I really do feel like it is good therapy. Unfortunately today was a tough day with some challenges. As I type this my hands are not working as well as they should and my mind in pretty cloudy. It takes a lot of energy to focus and to type. My hands and arms are very weak today and I have been in a lot of pain today. I made an appointment with my dr today but he can not see me until next week. Usually I can get in the same day or the next. It's ok though because I really like my PCP and he is worth waiting to see.

It is hard to get used to these set backs. I made the decision to stop my injections until I see the Neurologist at UMAS. My neurologist in Fayetteville said I should be able to make it a month between injections by now but I have set backs as little as 1 week apart. We are going to see if the injections are masking symptoms. I need the UMAS doctor to see exactly what is happening. This means that we might see more set backs between now and then. For now we think this is the best thing to do even if it means some temporary frustration. I'm back to having to rest a lot during the days. I try to be up and around as much as possible when the kids are home but I am already tired of feeling this way again.

This is all I have for tonight. I will try to add more tomorrow.

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